My Personal Leadership Philosophy

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Over my thirty year career, the core aspects of my leadership philosophy have been constant. Other parts evolved with me, as I changed roles and responsibilities. I matured and gained new perspectives.

I share this document with people I lead, my peers and my leaders to set expecations, ensure alignment, and drive culture.  That said, I learned that the most important benefit is to help me stay grounded in principles that I depend on to consistently guide my actions in the face of different influences and pressures leaders encounter.

INTERNAL MEMORANDUM FOR: Team Members of Mustang Expediting

FROM: John Sanchez

SUBJECT: Leadership Philosophy

This memorandum outlines my leadership philosophy and generally describes values to which I hold myself, and the people on our team accountable.

We are Mustang Expediting, the finest team of transportation and logistics professionals in the world. Through decades of hard work, we earned our customers’ trust to deliver their high-value freight to destinations in the MidAtlantic and beyond with perfect precision: on time and intact. Our customers are willing to pay their hard-earned money for our service.  We never forget that our livelihoods and ability to provide for our families ultimately flows from our customers and we appreciate them.

We work to live, not the other way around. Nonetheless, we spend many waking hours together at work and we should have fun while we are here. We celebrate and appreciate our diversity and our common values. We greet one another with smiles and treat one another with kindness, generosity, appreciation and dignity. We uphold the letter and spirit of the law.

The opportunity to serve in a leadership role is a great privilege. People in leadership positions understand that their power to lead ultimately comes from those who are willing to be led.  To that end, we constantly work to earn the respect of our team by acting as role models and demonstrating our willingness to serve and sacrifice on their behalf. Leaders use their power responsibly, balancing the needs of the company and the needs of those led. We are soft on people, firm on issues.

The two most important assets of a leader are sound judgment and a reputation for fairness. I hold all leaders, including myself to the highest standards with respect to these two attributes.

I expect leaders to practice self-discipline and control at all times, know your team members and take initiative:

  • Leaders who are calm under pressure have a clear head to solve problems and will inspire the confidence of customers and team members.
  • Leaders must know the strengths and weaknesses of people on their team, provide them regular feedback, and timely evaluations. Know the status of your team throughout the work day.
  • I trust members of the operations departments to take initiative to solve problems. I will always back you providing your actions are within the framework of governing laws and regulation and our goals, and demonstrate sound judgment.

Routine administrative and compliance tasks must be systematized such that they do not distract us from our primary objective to delight our customers. Mastery of routine business lends us surge capacity to accomplish the special requirements that truly differentiate us in the minds of our customers.

Concerning family matters and special requests, the mission of our organization must take priority. However, there is almost always a way to make accommodations given advance notice. We will do our best in this regard.

Finally, I feel honored and privileged to serve as a leader. I promise to do my best every day and I humbly request your support. I ask for your help and feedback as we work together to make our team a success.